The CeraMic induction pancake pan from KELOMAT inspires all pancakes and crepes afficionados by its shape. With the one especially deep edge on the side the Palatschinkenwend in the air (east: “Schupfen”) for children’s play. As the name suggests, it can also be used on modern induction foci.
Visually, it is externally coated with its orange-red Kelomat Color special coating and on the inside with the cream-colored ceramic non-stick seal – heat-resistant up to 400 ° – a piece of jewelery in every kitchen.
Even functionally, it leaves nothing to be desired: The pan warms up quickly and quickly starts (heat can then be quickly reduced again). The ceramic coating prevents the dough from being applied and allows easy turning. The flattened edge on one side makes it easy to turn with a soft ladder or in the air, even for untrained people. The crepes pan is only one of a total of six colored pans of the KELOMAT CeraMic induction line.