Manual food processor

This environmentally-friendly hand blender has two stirring rods and a mixing bowl, but no electric drive motor. The manual food […]

Kelomat Super pressure cooker

With the KELOMAT pressure cooker Super, you will prepare dishes very quickly! Cooking times are reduced by up to 70% […]

CeraMic-Induction Pancake Pan

The CeraMic induction pancake pan from KELOMAT inspires all pancakes and crepes afficionados by its shape. With the one especially […]


The elegant Perfekt fish pan (38×26 cm) of the KELOMAT Perfekt series makes the hearts of all who love fish […]

Perfekt wok pan

The wok is one of the most important kitchen utensils in Asian cuisine. From now on, all your Asian dishes […]

Perfekt stewing pan with lid

The elegant KELOMAT Perfekt pan has a stainless steel look and a robust PTFE-non-stick coating that is enforced with ceramic […]

Elegance pancake pan

The ELEGANCE pancake pan from KELOMAT is a must for all those who love pancakes and crêpes. The pan has a diameter […]

Steam juicer

The KELOMAT steam juicer changes juicy fruits into sweet fruit juice in no time. This is done in an very […]

MAGNUM roasting pan

The premium KELOMAT roasting pan Magnum has the best qualities for a successful roast! It is well-suited for poultry and […]


The big round pan of the KELOMAT series CeraMic COLOR is a reliable partner in your kitchen. With its diameter […]