The success story of the Austrian quality brand  KELOMAT began in 1948 in Upper Austria. This is where the company Gruber & Kaja established KELOMAT with production of high-quality pressure cookers. The original cookers were manufactured of aluminium, changing over in 1978 to highest quality stainless steel – Edelstahl 18/10
Soon, many households in Austria owned the “KELOMAT” and it became synonymous with the pressure cooker itself and modern, healthy and time-saving food preparation. Other items of cookware were soon to follow.


Today KELOMAT offers a full range of cookware


Besides the pressure cookers, the KELOMAT range includes a wide variety of cookware, roasting  pans, baking trays and other utensils, besides knives and a wide range of kitchen and cookery accessories.

In 2001, the brand was acquired by the Austrian cookware company RIESS  from Ybbsitz in the Must Quarter of Lower Austria, and was merged to form RIESS KELOMAT GmbH. The traditional family-run company, which is now in the ninth generation, is the only cookware manufacturer with the brands KELOMAT and RIESS Premium Enamel.