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Pressure cookers

The KELOMAT success story began in 1948 in Upper Austria, with the pressure cooker. The “KELOMAT” fast became a family favourite, synonymous with forward-looking cookery methods.

Today, the “KELOMAT” is not only valued because of the time it saves, but above all because of the steam pressure cooking method, which maintains the nutritional value of food and is therefore healthy. Food is not leached of its nutrients when cooked in steam. Thanks to the short cooking and heating times, aroma and taste are better retained – and most importantly, so are valuable vitamins and minerals.

And the best thing: all of this is possible without any additional electrical equipment in the kitchen. The cooker is perfect for every kitchen, whether big or small.
KELOMAT pressure cookers are also safe – five times over:
1. Pressure indicator with automatic pressure release valve
2. ABS valve with automatic excess pressure protection
3. Rim recess for additional excess pressure protection
4. Special locking device prevents unintentional opening of the cooker when it is still pressurised
5. Safe steam release button

KELOMAT Guarantee
Our strict quality controls mean that we can offer a three-year guarantee. This also includes a free inspection of your “KELOMAT“ by any KELOMAT specialist retailer, Link who will perform any necessary maintenance work and has all the spare parts in stock.
Thanks to our spare parts availability guarantee you can continue using your “KELOMAT” safely and confidently for many years. Link zu Ersatzteilen oder Fachhändler?

Using your pressure cooker
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