Faster, better, healthier – and energy saving.


Pressure cooking with the pressure cooker


– Cooking under steam pressure saves a lot of time

The KELOMAT success story began with the pressure cooker in Upper Austria in 1948. The “KELOMAT” pressure cooker was quickly found in many households in Austria and stood for modern, healthy and time-saving cooking. After all, cooking in a pressure cooker takes only a third of the time needed for conventional cooking.

In Austria, many people therefore think first of the pressure cooker when they hear KELOMAT. However, the KELOMAT brand encompasses a comprehensive cooking range of cookware, pans, knives, baking utensils and kitchen aids , aiming to offer cooks a wide variety of kitchen utensils to make cooking easy and modern.

 The healthy advantages of pressure cooking

However, pressure cooking with KELOMAT does not only mean saving a lot of time. Steam cooking under pressure has also been proven to be gentle and, above all, healthier. Many people who want to eat healthily nowadays appreciate this. Why is that?

The food is not pleached of its nutrients in the steam. Thanks to the short cooking and heating time, aromas and flavors remain unaltered. Moreover, heating is very short and takes place in the absence of air, so valuable vitamins and minerals, which are sensitive to oxygen, are better preserved.

And best of all, all this is possible without any additional electrical equipment in the kitchen. Pressure cooking under steam is therefore perfect for any kitchen, large or small.

 Safe and energy-saving with the pressure cooker

KELOMAT pressure cookers are available in various designs. But one applies to all models: they are all equipped with the latest safety technology and their use is extremely user-friendly. You will find detailed explanations of the individual safety features in the operating instructions for your KELOMAT model.

The sturdy thermo-stable-capsule base ensure – in addition to the timesaving effect of steam cooking under pressure – that cooking times are even more shortened, thus also saving energy.

 KELOMAT warranty and service center for long service life

Due to our strict quality controls, we offer a three-year KELOMAT warranty. This also includes a free inspection of your “KELOMAT” at any KELOMAT service center. They also carry out necessary maintenance and can provide all spare parts. This means that you can continue to use your “KELOMAT” safely for years to come.

 Cooking times for many ingredients and dishes

Quick cooking means: you only need about a third of the cooking time usually required. This time saving is made possible by cooking with steam pressure. Meats, vegetables, soups, legumes, stews, meat dishes and vegetarian recipes can also be wonderfully prepared in a pressure cooker. The cooking time table below gives an overview of the different cooking times.


The cooking time table