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Pressure cooker Alfa set induction

The advantages KELOMAT Alfa at a glance

two-piece pressure cooker set Alfa
 pressure cooker (22 cm) with 6,0 L capacity
 pressure cooker (22 cm) with 3,0 L capacity
pressure lid suitable for both pressure cooker and pressure frying pan
 made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel with internal scale
 suitable for all types of stoves (electric/gas/glass ceramic/induction)
 thermo-sandwich bottom with best heat properties for energy-saving cooking
pot handle with locking slide for easy opening and closing
easy-to-use pressure control valve with 2 cooking levels (gentle, fast) and steam-off position
particularly safe to use thanks to safety valve, handles with flame protection and
safety window in the lid edge
pressure level indicator with silicone cap – protects against contamination
pot (without lid) dishwasher safe
steaming insert and grate available as accessories as well as spare parts

Healthy cooking with the Alfa pressure cooker set

For decades, the pressure cooker from KELOMAT has combined modern, healthy and time-saving cooking with timeless elegance. Even with the two-piece pressure cooker set Alfa, dishes that normally have to simmer for a long time succeed in a flash. The extreme pressure inside the pressure cooker speeds up the cooking time while saving energy. Despite the cooking time being reduced by up to 70%, the food is not depleted in the steam: Thanks to the short cooking and heating time, aromas, flavors and, above all, valuable vitamins and minerals are better preserved. This makes the pressure cooker ideal for energy-saving, gentle and healthy nutrition. Whether vegetables, meat, fish, grains or legumes – the pressure cooker is suitable for most dishes. More about pressure cooking.

High-quality pressure cooker set made of stainless steel

The Alfa pressure cooker set includes a pressure cooker and a pressure frying pan. Also included is a matching pressure lid for both sizes. All parts were made of high quality stainless steel. The pressure frying pan can also be used for normal frying of meat and vegetables. Handling the cookware is facilitated by the ergonomically shaped insulated handles and the safety window in the edge of the lid.

The pressure cooker is particularly easy to use thanks to the pressure control valve with 2 cooking levels and the exhaust valve. The heat is conducted quickly thanks to the thermal sandwich bottom. . For easy gentle steam cooking, we recommend our steaming insert.

KELOMAT is a traditional Austrian kitchen brand since 1948, offering almost everything related to modern cooking, roasting, baking, pressure cooking, cutting and preparation for kitchen and household. The KELOMAT range consists of cookware, pans, pressure cookers, baking utensils (baking pans and baking aids), knives (kitchen knives, special knives and knife sharpeners) and a comprehensive range of useful kitchen aids.

  • Alfa Pressure Cooker - Set for all types of stove
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