Pan without Pressure Lid

The Pan – WITHOUT THE PRESSURE LID – can best be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent. However it is also dishwasher-proof.

Never use abrasives or steel wool. This helps prevent scratches on the surface.

Always dry the cookware thoroughly with a cloth (don’t leave it standing to dry) to avoid stains caused by water drops.
Should this happen anyway, or if the stainless steel discolours after a while, it suffices to clean it with lemon of vinegar and a soft cloth or sponge every now and then. Heavy stains should be removed with a special stainless steel detergent.

 Pressure Lid

The Pressure Lid consists of three parts ( Lid, Sealing Ring and Valve). Please separate these parts before cleaning each part manually by using a gentle detergent.

 Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is in the lid, please dry it well after cleaning and oil it with some cooking oil. Hardened sealing rings that have become brittle don’t seal well enough anymore and therefore need to be replaced. In case of regular use, we recommend replacement after approx. six months.


The Valve should be disassembled and cleaned once a week in order to remove cooking and food residue. You will find the manual for this in the user and maintenance manuals of the various models (see Download in the right column).


Never store your pressure cooker with the lid closed. Put the lid upside down on the pan so that it can air thoroughly.

 Regular check-up

We recommend regular technical check-up of your “KELOMAT” with our KELOMAT specialists, where you can also buy any spare parts