TORRANO mini pan

The advantages at a glance

Mini cooking pot Torrano from KELOMAT
available with high and low rim, both with 14 cm diameter
Capacity with high rim 1.20 liters
Capacity with low rim 1.00 liters
Stainless steel rust-free 18/10
Curved shape
With scale on the inside
Transparent glass lid
Induction thermostable capsule base
Dishwasher-safe – however, manual cleaning is recommended for longer life.
Suitable for all stoves (electric/gas/glass ceramic/induction)


Mini Cooking Pot by KELOMAT is a durable assistant for your kitchen adventures. The convenient and resistant cooking pot made of stainless steel shines brightly even after many uses. The small cooking pot is perfect for preparing sauces or reheating leftovers. An energy-saving cooking process is provided by the induction thermostable capsule base: it conducts the heat properly and saves it for a long time. The pot also scores with a sight glass lid and a practical interior scale.

  • TORRANO mini pan with low rim
  • SKU: 1831-317
  • EAN.: 9003064503080
  • Size: 14 cm Ø
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