GUSTO azure

The advantages at a glance
Diameter 18, 22, 26 cm available
Non-porous special enamel on the outside – low-maintenance and indestructible
Non-stick sealing on the inside – so nothing burns or sticks
Super strong thermo-stable bottom
Suitable for all stoves (electronical/gas/glass ceramic/induction)
Practical, heat-resistant synthetic insulated handle
Tips for maintenance and cleaning on the back of the pan
Dishwasher-safe – however, manual cleaning is recommended for longer shelf life.

KELOMAT’s GUSTO special pan is the perfect cooking aid for every single household. With its 18-cm diameter, it is perfect for cooking small portions and quick dishes. Whether you want to cook an egg, vegetable or pasta dish, thanks to the coating, nothing sticks to the pan and the dishes are cooked evenly all the way through. In addition, it is perfect for quickly browning nuts and spices, or for melting butter.

Optically, it is a real gem in every kitchen as well with its blue special enamel coating and its black non-stick sealing on the inside. There will be nothing left to wish for functionally as well: the pan heats extremely quickly and is ready for use in a heartbeat (you can turn the heat down a bit afterwards). This makes it extremely well-suitable for low-fat cooking. The heat-resistant synthetic insulated handle sits in your hand comfortably and ensures easy handling.

  • GUSTO azure 18 cm
  • SKU: 3505-340
  • EAN.: 9003064502915
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