Tea / spice strainer hinged (various sizes)

The advantages at a glance

Tea strainer in ball shape for brewing loose tea or spices.
available in sizes 4,4 and 6,5 cm
with convenient pop-up mechanism – squeeze handle and strainer opens
dishwasher safe.

Tea strainer for brewing loose tea or spices

The hinged tea and spice strainer allows easy brewing of tea with loose leaves or spice teas. The flip open mechanism makes pouring loose tea or spices a breeze. The hinged strainer then encloses them securely without tea leaves floating in the tea water. After brewing, the tea can also be easily removed again. The strainer is also easy to clean and suitable for the dishwasher.

In addition to the hinged tea strainer, there are many practical and qualitative kitchen gadgets from KELOMAT, which greatly simplify kitchen life.

  • Tea / spice strainer hinged 4.4 cm
  • SKU: 2370-247
  • EAN.: 9003064506976
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