Saucepan set Murano S (9 pieces)

5-piece cooking pot set from KELOMAT.

The advantages of the cooking pot set Murano S

9-piece cooking pot set Murano S from KELOMAT
1 x frying pot (2,4 l/20cm) plus sight glass lid with metal rim
3 x meat pots (1.6 l/16 cm; 3.0 l/20cm; 5.4 l/24 cm) plus lids
1 x saucepan 16 cm
Suitable for all types of stoves (electric, gas, induction, glass ceramic)
Outside to handle height matt brushed
Measuring scale in 1/2 liter increment
Shaking rim for drip-free pouring
Strong thermo-stable capsule base
18/10 stainless steel

Cooking pot set for every use

With the 9-piece Murano S cooking pot set from KELOMAT, you are well equipped for any kitchen adventure. The practical set made of stainless steel consists of a frying pot (2.4 l/20 cm) three meat pots ((1.6 l/16 cm; 3.0 l/20cm; 5.4 l/24 cm) , a saucepan (16 cm). Matching and heat-resistant glass lids with metal rims are also included in the stainless steel set. All pots are made of high quality stainless steel and are brushed matt on the outside up to handle height. Thanks to the simple elegance and high-quality workmanship, cooking with the Murano set becomes a special pleasure. One has thanks to the many pots for almost every dish and every quantity the right pot at hand.

Cooking pots made of stainless steel

All pots in the set have a strong thermo-stable capsule bottom. These extra strong bottoms conduct heat quickly and effectively and guarantee you cooking pleasure for many years. Murano S pots and saucepans are suitable for all types of stoves, including modern induction stoves. With the practical measuring scale in 1/2 liter increments inside the pots, liquids can be accurately measured and thus the pot can be filled with the exact amounts. The practical shaking rim allows pouring without splashing and dripping, making clean work a breeze. Thus, the Murano S set guarantees cooking pleasure for many years, pleasant handling and is a special eye-catcher in your kitchen.

KELOMAT is a traditional Austrian kitchen brand since 1948, offering almost everything related to modern cooking, frying, baking, pressure cooking, cutting and preparation for kitchen and household. The KELOMAT range consists of cookware, pans, pressure cookers, baking utensils, knives and a comprehensive range of useful kitchen aids.

From Kelomat there are also many other cooking sets to choose from. 

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