Keramika RED induction stew pot 24

The advantages at a glance

  • Special aluminium alloy, designed with extra strong casting
  • Combines the advantages of traditional cast-iron cookware with the lightness of aluminium
  • 20 cm diameter 2.7 L / 24 cm diameter 4.7 L / 28 cm diameter 6.8 L
  • For light and gentle cooking and anything sensitive that would normally stick on easily
  • Ceramic non-stick sealing on the inside for reduced fat preparation – (up to 400 °C)
  • Special non-porous hard coating on the outside – red
  • Strong stainless steel, special thermostable base, suitable for all stoves (gas/glass ceramic/electrical/induction)
  • Tightly-closing lid made of aluminium casting
  • Short browning time, excellent heat conduction, maximum energy utilisation and heat storage
  • Avoid scratching and/or using sharp objects in the pots
  • Heat-resistant up to 220 °C with practical silicone handle protection
  • Easy care, it is recommended to clean by hand

KELOMAT’s Keramika RED induction stew pot combines the advantages of traditional cast-iron cookware with the lightness of aluminium. The pot comes in three sizes: 20 cm, 24 cm and 28 cm diameter. It is perfect for dishes that need to simmer a bit longer on the stove. It is also suitable for use in the oven.

Thanks to the special aluminium casting, it is considerably lighter than traditional cast-iron cookware. On the outside, it has a red non-porous special hard coating, due to which the cookware will keep its original shine for a long time. On the inside, the stew pot has a ceramic non-stick sealing, which is heat resistant up to 400 °C*). The lid with aluminium casting makes sure that the pot is sealed perfectly. With the silicone handle protection, the stew pot can be lifted easily without burning yourself, even when hot.

*) However, the maximum temperature is not recommended for healthy cooking. The recommended operating temperature is a maximum of 220 °C depending on the fat/oil used, to retain ingredients and flavours, and not burn the fat.

  • Keramika RED induction stew pot 24
  • SKU: 3421-385
  • EAN.: 9003064504338
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