The advantages at a glance
Pressure cooker, Ø 22 cm / 5.0 l or 6.5 l
Pressure skillet Ø 22 cm / 2.7 l
Pressure lid with triple security
Glass lid including or as accessory, depending on the set
Induction thermo-stable-capsule base
Triple security thanks to cooking regulator, ABS-valve and overpressure protection in de rim of the lid
Heat setting regulator
 Insert perforated and grate available as accessories

With the KELOMAT pressure cooker Super, you will succeed in making dishes very quickly that are normally very time-consuming! Cooking times are reduced by up to 70% and you save energy as well. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are preserved. Due to this, the cooker is very suitable for cooking sustainable and healthy food. You can cook almost any food in it, like vegetables, meat, fish, cereals and pulses.

Thanks to the cooking regulator, the ABS-valve and the overpressure protection, the pressure cooker is secured in three ways and can be handled easily. Thanks to the thermo-stable capsule base, heat is conducted quickly. The heat setting regulator also enables extra fast cooking, while vitamins are preserved. We recommend our steamer insert for easy, sustainable steaming. The set also contains the pressure skillet, which the pressure lid or glass lid.

  • KELOMAT SUPER SET 5.0 + 2.7
  • SKU: 2000-301
  • EAN.: 9003064502938
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