KELOMAT chef’s pancake pan

The advantages at a glance
The chef’s pan for traditional flower and egg dishes
Diameter 25 cm
Special hard coating on the outside
KELOMAT non-stick sealing on the inside
Extra strong induction-thermo-stable base for short browning time, even heat distribution and better heat storage
Heat-resistant ergonomic synthetic insulated handle
Suitable for all stoves (electronical/gas/glass ceramic/induction)
Low-maintenance and indestructible

KELOMAT’s pancake pan is an absolute must-have for all pancake and crepe lovers. The pan has a diameter of 25 cm and a low rim that is levelled on one side, which makes turning the pancakes in mid-air (flipping) and taking them out of the pan extremely easy. The pan can also be used on modern induction stoves.

On the outside, the pan has a special hard coating and on the inside, a KELOMAT non-stick sealing. The extra strong induction-thermo-stable base guarantees a short browning time, even heat distribution and durable heat storage. The heat-resistant ergonomically shaped synthetic insulated handle sits comfortably in your hand – flipping pancakes has never been easier.

  • KELOMAT chef's pancake pan
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  • EAN.: 9003064502931
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