Diamond Red pan 24

The advantages at a glance

– “Diamond Coating Technology” non-stick interior

– The latest non-stick coating technology, reinforced by diamond particles

– KELOMAT Color special coating on the outside

– Ergonomic synthetic handle with flame protection

– Heat-resistant in the oven up to 160°C

– Strong thermo-stable base

– Suitable for all gas, electric, glass ceramic and induction stoves

– The best frying results thanks to the short browning time, good heat conduction, high energy utilisation

– Dishwasher-safe, cleaning by hand recommended


The KELOMAT Red Diamond pan is an elegant and sophisticated pan, fitted with the latest technology in sturdy PTFE non-stick coatings, reinforced with diamond particles. These diamond particles make the pan coating particularly sturdy, though at the same time, the non-stick effect of the pan is excellent. The pan enables the best frying results thanks to the short browning time, good heat conduction and high energy utilisation. This means the pan isn’t just an eye-catcher, but also a reliable partner for many culinary adventures with frying and braising meat, fish and vegetables.


The name Red Diamond comes from the exterior of the pan, with its elegant red KELOMAT Color coating. The non-stick pan has a diameter of 24 cm. The ergonomic handle of the pan with diamond non-stick coating has flame protection, and the KELOMAT Red Diamond pan is heat-resistant in the oven at up to 160°C. The pan is suitable for all stove types (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction).

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  • EAN.: 9003064504669
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