Crêpe pan Crêpe Chef (various sizes)

The advantages of the Crêpe Chef

Crêpe pan for paper-thin pancakes and crêpes
24 and 28cm diameter available
Inside with Kelomat non-stick coating
Easy to clean due to full sealing
Super-strong induction ThermoPlus base
Suitable for all types of stoves (electric, gas, induction, glass ceramic)

Crêpes pan with non-stick coating

For wafer-thin crêpes and shapely pancakes, the Crêpe Chef from KELOMAT is the right choice. In the shapely crêpe pan with non-stick coating, the finished pasta comes off the frying surface completely without annoying sticking. The pan has a diameter of 24 or 28 cm and a specially flattened low rim on one side – turning and lifting (east: “Schupfen”) pancakes succeeds like the professionals. In addition, the Crêpe Chef is characterized by its light weight, because the baking of pancakes and crêpes is even more fun.

High quality and easy to clean

The ultra-light special pan for thin crêpes and airy pancakes is particularly easy to clean thanks to its full sealing and can be cleaned quickly after work is done. The super-strong ThermoPlus base conducts heat quickly and evenly. The pan heats up in a flash and is ready to go quickly, and the heat can be quickly reduced again afterwards. The special shape of the rim makes it easy to turn. Due to its simple elegance and high-quality workmanship, the crêpes pan will remain an eye-catcher in your kitchen for many years. In it, crêpes and pancakes succeed extremely uncomplicated and the pan is therefore gladly taken to hand to spoil yourself, the whole family or friends with pancakes or crêpes.

From KELOMAT there are still other non-stick special pans and ceramic special pansfor this dish popular with old and young, choose between different options.

The right pan for every purpose

From Kelomat, in addition to the Crêpe Chef, there are many other frying pans made of stainless steel and with non-stick effect to choose from. There is the right product for every frying pan adventure. The wide selection ranges from standard pans, high capacity pans, flat pans, mini pans to special pans for crepes, pancakes, fish pans for frying whole fish, wok pans for Asian delicacies to grill pans with the typical waffle bottom. One can choose between a wide range of stainless steel pans and pans with Kelomat special coating or pans with ceramic coating.

A traditional Austrian kitchen brand since 1948, KELOMAT offers almost everything related to modern cooking, frying, baking, pressure cooking, cutting and preparation for the kitchen and household.

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