Chestnut cutter

Kelomat Maronischneider

The advantages of the chestnut cutter

Made of durable plastic
Perfect for clean scoring of chestnuts
Dishwasher safe

Maroon slicer made of plastic

For lovers of chestnuts, the chestnut cutter is the perfect tool. With the red cutter made of plastic, the skin of chestnuts can be easily scored. The peeling after roasting succeeds so easily. The device allows absolutely safe work, because the chestnuts are securely in the tongs and the steel blade is no danger to the fingers. In addition, the stopper at the end of the handle prevents the chestnuts from being cut through completely.

At KELOMAT there are also many other kitchen helpers for peeling, dividing and opening.

  • SKU: 1680-247
  • EAN.: 9003064505794
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