CeraMic COLOR pan 24

The advantages at a glance
24 cm diameter
KELOMAT Color  special coating on the outside
Ceramic non-stick sealing on the inside, heat-resistant up to  400 °C
Strong thermo-stable base
Suitable for electronical, gas and glass ceramic stoves
Short browning time, good heat conduction and high energy exploitation
Up to 160°C heat-resistant synthetic handle with flame protection
Dishwasher-safe – however, manual cleaning is recommended for longer shelf life.

The round KELOMAT pan is a reliable help in the kitchen. With is 28-cm diameter, the pan is perfect for dishes for 3-4 people. Whether you want to cook an egg, vegetable or meat dish, thanks to the pan coating, nothing burns and dishes are cooked evenly all the way through – ideal for effortless cooking!

Optically, it is a real gem in every kitchen as well with its light blue KELOMAT COLOR special coating and its cream-coloured ceramic non-stick sealing on the inside – heat-resistant up to 400°. There will be nothing left to wish for functionally as well: the pan heats extremely quickly and is ready for use in a heartbeat (you can turn the heat down a bit afterwards). The ceramic coating prevents burning and enables easy handling. The shaped synthetic handle sits comfortably in your hand and is heat-resistant up to 160°C with flame protection.

The ceramic sealing is robust. However, scratching and/or sharp objects should not be used on it. We recommend our synthetic kitchen aids.

  • CeraMic COLOR 24 cm
  • SKU: 1814-358
  • EAN.: 9003064502868
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