RUSTICA Plus sauce pan


The advantages at a glance
Diameter 16 cm
Non-porous KELOMAT special hard coating on the outside
KELOMAT Plus quality and non-stick sealing on the inside
Extra strong thermo-plus-stable base
Suitable for all stoves (electronical/gas/glass ceramic/induction)
Ergonomically shaped, heat-resistant synthetic insulated handle
Low-maintenance and dishwasher-safe

The RUSTICA Plus sauce pan is perfect for everyone who loves uncomplicated cooking. For thanks to the KELOMAT Plus quality non-stick sealing, nothing sticks to the base. With its ochre-coloured, non-porous KELOMAT special hard coating, it also provides cheerful accents in your kitchen. The pan has a diameter of 16 cm, which makes it ideal for cooking for two.

In addition, the sauce pan has a KELOMAT special hard coating on the outside and a Plus quality non-stick sealing on the inside. The extra strong thermo-plus-stable base conducts the heat extremely quickly and provides optimum energy exploitation. Thanks to the heat-resistant synthetic insulated handle, you can place the sauce pan for serving on the table directly after heating.

  • RUSTICA Plus sauce pan 16 cm
  • SKU: 1917-310
  • EAN.: 9003064503016