KELOMAT quick grill blank


The advantages at a glance
Suitable for electronical, gas and glass ceramic stoves
Stepless height adjustment
Easy to disassemble thanks to the special hinge
Saves room

The KELOMAT quick grill is a true all-rounder! It is not only practical at the camping site, but takes summer barbecue fun indoors. It is super easy to cook juicy steaks, skewers, sausages and crispy toasts with it, including the typical grill pattern.

The quick grill is made of a premium, extra hard special alloy. It can be used for all grilling fun with sufficient cooking fat. The high, widely separated grill grates function optimally, since the temperature on the grates is 220-250 °C and 120-150 °C in the grooves. This enables the heat to sink in slowly and the hot air to circulate, which keeps the grilled food juicy. The KELOMAT quick grill can be disassembled with one touch of the hand thanks to a special hinge, which makes it very easy to clean. Thanks to the stepless height adjustment, you can adjust your grill to the food you like to grill.

  • KELOMAT quick grill blank
  • SKU: 1980-360
  • EAN.: 9003064502924