Ceramic pans have a very fine hybrid coating which combines the characteristics of organic and inorganic materials. Temperature resistant up to 400 °C.

The coating provides a hard surface with good heat and non-stick characteristics. This means that food can be fried easily using little oil. Ceramic-coated pans are also easy to clean, as food hardly sticks to the surface.

Good to know
Only use special kitchen utensils made of soft materials for handing and turning food in the pan. Link zu Produkt Never use a knife to cut food in the pan, as this damages the coating.
Do not use olive oil in pans with a light-coloured coating. The suspended solids in the oil form tarry residues which can lead to discoloration. However, this does not affect the non-stick aspects of the coating.

To preserve the non-stick characteristics of the coating for as long as possible, follow our guidance on care and use.